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Ok, another new member on board.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 7:37 pm
by c_reiter
Hello everyone.
My first encounter with Lisa Gerrard's voice was when, some years after it came out, I heard her tracks from This Mortal Coil's "It'll end in tears" on the radio. This was sometime in the late 80s.

I was somewhat diverted by the fact that the host of the show introduced her only as Lisa Gerrard, without mentioning either TMC nor the fact that she normally worked with a group called Dead can dance. I guess he simply assumed anyone listening to his show *had* to know that! Arrogant bastard :)

So I wasted some time in the record store flipping through the albums in search of a "Lisa Gerrard" which at that time could not yet yield any results... but it didn't take long to pick up the right track. Some time later, Serpent's Egg, then, was one of the first things I got in CD format.

Initially I was one of those DCD followers who only cared for Lisa's tracks; almost without exception I disregarded Brendan Perry's contributions on first listening. Though with time quite a few did grow on me.

But when DCD split, given how strong Mirror Pool had already been, I said, let bygones be bygones.

'Duality' for me, reinforced that sentiment.

However when 'immortal memory' came out, something was different. I remember thinking to myself after the first listen, Is it me, or what is wrong with this - Nothing happened. (As I have learned, yes - it was me). The same unsettling thing happened when I got the live cds from the 2005 tour - I had ordered one concert for myself and another for a friend. It was as if - I ought to be enjoying this, but I wasn't. It just seemed to go right past me. Sure, it was nice, but it didn't *touch*. It was as if the part of me that had responded had gone missing.

I think somewhere there's a press kit video on Youtube where Lisa says something about people being covered up with layers and layers of something that keeps them from resonating. It seems that circumstances in my life at that point had led to exactly such an encrustation.

At that point your're on your own.

I did change some fundamentals of my life some time later, without making any connection to what at the time seemed to me simply to be the loss of interest in a musical artist I had previously enjoyed.

So my DCD records and Lisa Gerrard CDs sat there in the shelves, collecting dust and waiting.

Anyhow, late last year I was rummaging through youtube for various performances of favorite artists. In this case, Happy Rhodes. And in someone's profile or related videos, there was Lisa Gerrard.

So I said to myself, now that's someone you used to listen to a lot, let's just give her a few minutes for old times sake.

Click. Swoon.

Suddenly, I could feel the magic again :)

So I quickly brought myself up to speed with what had been going on, saw that there was an album to order, discovered to my dismay that I had missed a tour by mere days, and revisited those recordings which I had previously failed to connect with.

I discovered that there had been nothing wrong with the music at all, and that instead it had just been a part of me that had been numbed by the circumstances of life that I had allowed to control me for some years.

And in due course I signed up for this forum. So, here i am :)

PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2008 1:16 am
by Crescent
The magic is always there... I am happy that you were able to rediscover it. welcome :)

PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2008 3:59 am
by DCDLibrary
Welcome to the board!